Saturday, 9 November 2013

Next up: David Toop Q & A on Wednesday 13th Nov 2013

In 1984 David Toop wrote his first book, The Rap Attack. A lucid, colourful account of the early years of hip-hop in New York, the book took British readers for the first time on a tour of the city’s clubs, record companies, amusement arcades and block parties. By putting hip-hop in its proper historical context, Toop’s work influenced a generation of hip-hoppers in the UK, giving them an enviable grasp of the movement’s origins. Almost thirty years later his analysis is still one of the most acute in a market flooded with books on hip-hop – many of them clearly indebted to him. In this live discussion, Toop will talk with hip-hop historian James McNally about his experiences writing The Rap Attack, about New York in the early 1980s and hip-hop’s transatlantic story.

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