Saturday, 16 November 2013

Next up: Friday 22nd November

Louder Than A Bomb live set & The Criminal Minds live set

The Louder Than a Bomb Live Set is a musical literary experiment that aims to cover the history of Hip Hop culture in an original, fresh and funky style.
The Louder Than a Bomb Live Set is a mix between a history lesson Hip Hop and a show. The performance offers a peculiar vision on the birth of this culture and its musical and lyrical revolution that led to its conquering of popular culture and youth imagery world wide.
In a one hour set, illustrates the evolution of this music genre from an underground subculture rooted in urban environment, to a mainstream phenomenon with a large following in suburban America, highlighting the anecdotes, people and technology critical for its development. Similarly, DJ Stile masterfully uses vinyls to give evidence of that process on a musical level, embellishing the selection with his cutting and mixing skills.
The live set is made up of several sections (The Jams, Hip Hop on Vinyl; Technology, Def Jam, Class of 1986, Latin Quarters) in which and DJ Stile create a collage of images, digressions, time shifts, hooks and openings as in the cut & paste of a rap production., a lover of Afro-American history and culture. He writes for Alias - Il Manifesto. He has published 3 books: Bigger than hip hop, Renegades of funk and Louder than a Bomb. Follow on:
DJ Stile: is a pioneering Hip Hop DJ in Italy as well as outstanding turntablist. He’s been active in the scene for over twenty years and has collaborated and shared the stage with the biggest names in Italy and internationally.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday 30th November 2013

To finish up the month, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Zulu Nation, B-Boy Documents collaborate with Deal Real for their next party and bring Lord Finesse ( D.I.T.C, NYC ) and DJ Boogie Blind ( X-Ecutioners, NYC ) to The Flyover, Ladbroke Grove on Saturday 30th November.
£12.50 in advance, more on the door:

Next up: David Toop Q & A on Wednesday 13th Nov 2013

In 1984 David Toop wrote his first book, The Rap Attack. A lucid, colourful account of the early years of hip-hop in New York, the book took British readers for the first time on a tour of the city’s clubs, record companies, amusement arcades and block parties. By putting hip-hop in its proper historical context, Toop’s work influenced a generation of hip-hoppers in the UK, giving them an enviable grasp of the movement’s origins. Almost thirty years later his analysis is still one of the most acute in a market flooded with books on hip-hop – many of them clearly indebted to him. In this live discussion, Toop will talk with hip-hop historian James McNally about his experiences writing The Rap Attack, about New York in the early 1980s and hip-hop’s transatlantic story.